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Alumni Pinion

The Alumni Pinion is the biannual newsletter for Alumni Association members and is issued (via U.S. mail) usually in the months of March/April and September/October.  The Pinion includes important alumni news, Association announcements, upcoming fundraisers, upcoming reunions, photos, etc. To receive the Pinion, you must be an Association member.  To become a member of the Alumni Association, complete the form on our Membership Page!

Co-Editors: Lisa-Anne Mitsuka Chan ('91) and Bucky Kaopuiki ('60)
Layout: Ivan Lee ('90)


The e-Pinion (email version) is also available! Again, you'll first need to be an Association member. You can then subscribe to or update your subscription's email address using the online e-Pinion Subscription Form!

Submitting Articles, Photos, Etc.

Articles, announcements, photos, etc. may be submitted for inclusion into the next Alumni Pinion.  If you are submitting a photo via U.S. mail and would like it returned, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  For photos submitted via email, please keep the file size down (preferably under 1MB) and be sure the resolution of the photo is at least 150 dpi.  Low resolution photos and photocopies will not necessarily be included into the Pinion as they may not look good in print.

* Submissions should be sent in approximately 45 days before the next issue is published. We will try to post exact deadline dates as they are known.

** Submissions may be edited for length and/or content as needed.

*** We may not include all submissions received, depending on available space.

Reunion News/Announcements/Articles/Photos
Submit via U.S. mail or email to:

McKinley Alumni Association
Alumni Pinion
c/o 1039 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96814


Board Meetings

Curious what goes on behind the scenes at the Board meetings?

Feel free to attend.  Board meetings are normally held monthly on the first Thursday of the month, 6 p.m., at McKinley High School, Room T-4 under the Library.