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Alumni e-Pinion

To help us cut costs in printing and postage, we're making the Alumni Pinion available to Alumni Association members via email. But more importantly, the money used towards printing and postage is money that could be used towards more support of school programs (Robotics, JROTC, etc.) and student scholarships. In addition to helping us reduce expenses, an added benefit to you would be the instant gratification of receiving the Alumni Pinion via email instead of waiting for it via "snail mail." You will also get to view most of the pictures in color, whereas the pictures are black and white in print.

Once you subscribe to the e-Pinion, you will no longer receive the paper version of the Pinion in your mail.

The e-Pinion is sent as a PDF file which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader. See Technical Note below.

e-Pinion Subscription Form

Important: You MUST be an Alumni Association member. Being an
Association member is not the same as being an almuni of the school.
Please do NOT submit this request if you are not a current member.
Proceed to the Membership Page to obtain a form to join
and make your selection to receive the e-Pinion at the same time.

Are you a current Alumni
Association Member?
No, I am not a member. Yes, I am a member.
Full Name:
Class Year:
Email Address:
Confirm Email Address:
Subscription Option:
Subscribe Update Email Unsubscribe
Comments (Optional):

Subscribe: If you are currently an Alumni Association member, subscribe to receive the electronic version of the Alumni Pinion, and discontinue receiving the paper version.

Update Email Addresses: Email address are constantly changing. We are aware of that. If you are subscribed to receive the e-Pinion and you've changed your email address, please keep us updated by using the form above. If we cannot email an issue to you at the email address on file because it's no longer active, we will remove your email address from our list. So don't miss out on an issue an keep us updated.

Unsubscribe: If you wish to unsubscribe, please use the form above. After unsubscribing, you should begin receiving the hardcopy Alumni Pinion via U.S. mail beginning at the next available issue.

Technical Note

Most computers today already have the Adobe Reader software installed for opening and viewing PDF files. If not installed, you may download and install the Adobe Reader for FREE at Attached to this email is a one-page PDF test file that you may download and attempt to open to see if you already have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. As needed, information on downloading the Adobe Reader and troubleshooting can be found at

For troubleshooting issues, please refer to the Adobe Web site for specific Adobe Reader software/PDF file issues. You may let us know of any issues that you may be experiencing so that we may be aware of it. However, due to our limited resources, we will probably not be able to respond and assist you in a fix.

The e-Pinion is formatted exactly the same as the paper version, except that the paper version is printed on 11x17 paper and the e-Pinion is configured on 8.5x11. Therefore, the e-Pinion can be printed and read the same way as the paper version.

Board Meetings

Curious what goes on behind the scenes at the Board meetings?

Feel free to attend.  Board meetings are normally held monthly on the first Thursday of the month, 6 p.m., at McKinley High School, Room T-4 under the Library.